Bringin' It On Down To Georgetown

Bringin' It On Down To Georgetown, Nov 29 2014 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

It may not have been as huge as the crowd last Tuesday night, but it was nonetheless a big, healthy and sprited bunch that took the streets of Georgetown yesterday afternoon in solidarity with the people of occupied Ferguson, MO and cities all across the US where black and brown people are being terrorized and murdered by police.

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Second American Revolution, Day 1

Second American Revolution, Day 1 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

Ten thousand in DC in solidarity with Ferguson, they were saying last night. No matter what, it was still a healthy, enthusiastic crowd -- not violent at any stretch, but they sure as hell weren't "peaceful". Total running time: 06:49


The Only Good Protester...

So, the Ferguson grand jury let that murdering pig walk. Disgusting, but not surprising.

Now the people's rage is spilling into the streets, and the corporate media -- and their Liberal flunkies -- are trying to divide the people's movements against each other with that tired old bullshit about "good protesters" and "bad protesters" -- with "bad protesters", in this case, being anyone who actually does something to disrupt the status quo to bring about real change instead of just standing around with a sign singing "We Shall Overcome".

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In Search Of Legacy

With the conclusion of the recent Dempocalypse, President Sparkle Pony is about as lame as a duck can get. In fact, he holds the record, having been a lame duck pretty much since he took office.

So, according to this recent report at Al Jazeera, he's jetting off to Asia trying to forget about the election and be all Presidential and statesmanlike n'shit, trying to beef up his "legacy", whatever the hell that means.

I don't know what he's so worried about; between the drone warfare, the shielding of war criminals, the climbing into bed with bankers, the corporate healthcare sweetheart deal, and the NSA, it looks like President Hope's got more legacy than he can shake a stick at.

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Remember, Remember...

Remember this day, DC!

Here's my best bud, DC Cannabis Campaign Chairman Adam Eidinger, on election night last Tuesday:


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This Time, Next Year?

Last week, I was over at a friend's house when he pulled out this lid of something really fresh, pulled out this big stinky bud, handed it to me and invited me to take a good smell -- and man, was that some stanky-ass stuff.

So, anyway, my buddy asked me to guess where it was from; I ran down the standard guesses -- Humboldt, Maui -- but you could've knocked me over with a feather when he told me that sticky, smelly bud was grown right here in DC, in Ward 8.

All I could think of is how things could possibly be, this time next year, if Prop 71 goes through, allowing three mature plants. It also reminded me that DC has a state fair now. Can't wait to see next year's Blue Ribbon Ward 8 Skunk Bud.

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