Are you ready for some chaos?

According to the fearmongers at the Washington Post, chaos will ensue when DC's Initiative 71 takes effect without provisions for commercial sales. If being able to smoke, grow and share without fear of arrest constitutes chaos, then bring it on.

This art was based on my new logos and icons for the DC Free Cannabis Seed Share and the DC Cannabis Coalition. 

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On February 26, the possession, use, sharing and growing of marijuana officially becomes legal in the District Of Columbia.

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Ye Olde Colonial Constituents Day

Congratulations, DC! Your new plantation overseer -- that is, the new chairman of the House Oversight Committee -- is a Mormon with an injection-molded face, one Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

Seeing as how part of his job is getting in the way of the people of Washington, DC when they try and govern themselves, then perhaps he might be interested in such issues as traffic, parking, trash pickup, Metro subway fires, and that goddamn' streetcar project that keeps falling behind schedule.

Join us as we take these and other grievances to our new colonial governor at his office in the Rayburn Building on March 17... won't you?

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Blood In The Water

So, I was hanging around the Prop 71 office the other day, working on sketches and listening to Our Exalted Leader Adam Eidinger giving an interview to Cannabis Radio News over at Marijuana Public Media, and in the course of his discussion of the growing pushback against GOP meddlers regarding DC's Initiative 71, Adam threw down the phrase "blood in the water"...

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