Nuclear War is Winnable!

One thing about this period was that it was that time when things started getting weird in Media And Government Land, ranging from frivolity like Reagan inadvertantly mouthing off around live mics, mentioning his plan to "...begin bombing in five minutes...", to far more evil intentional mouth-offs, such as then-Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger's declaration that a nuclear war would be "winnable".

nukewarwinnable650wI remember being absolutely gob-smacking amazed at that. How the hell does he decide whether or not we've "won"? I'd ask myself, would it be if our side had enough people left to put on a halfway decent victory parade, as opposed to the pathetic, raggedy-assed second-generation mutant rumble shown above?

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MX Malt Liquor

Come 'round the bend, you know it's the end --
the fireman screams, and the engine just gleams!

--grateful dead

Smoke-In's over, summer was survivable, time to quit bitching and get back to some ball-busting.

The MX "Peacekeeper" mobile launcher system was, basically, an entire railroad designed to move MX launchers from one bunker to the next, presumably with the idea that if you ran an atom bomb railroad, you could keep your atom bombs from being hit so easily -- because, as everybody in the atom bomb business will tell you: it only takes one to hit it.


Just how the beer ad analogy came in, I don't quite remember... something about "Night Train" wine, or the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull, or something...

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