"DC for 15" Poster Art Is Ready To Download!

My poster art series for DC's Raise The Wage campaign is now available for downloads by organizers and activists.

I've made these available as tabloid-size posters and letter-size flyers, with plenty of "clear" space for laying out customized text in the page-layout software of your choice.

Follow the "DC For $15" minimum wage campaign on Twitter.

11x17 inch medium-res color .jpg images in a .zip file, 3.2mb
8.5x11 inch medium-res color .jpg images in a .zip file, 2.1mb


It's A Quarter To Three...

...so, set 'em up, Joe...!

Am I the only one here who watches Presidential speeches and news conferences these days and gets the feeling he's just not into it anymore, somehow...?

One more for his baby, and one more for the road...

11x17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 1.2mb


Hoorah, sledding!

According to this report on WAMU-FM here in DC, the latest Congressional spending bill prevents the District Of Columbia from funding abortion services for poor women and regulating and taxing the sale of marijuana. They did, however, repeal the ban on sledding on the Capitol grounds, after a vigorous local outcry last winter.

Apparently, they're still hurting from all the bad publicity they caught with the sledding ban, but could care less about all the ill will they get by restricting women's healthcare rights and the right to tax and regulate a plant that's been legal for nearly a year. Still, there's prime sledding opening up on the hill at the West Front, so there's that.

11x14 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 877kb


Speakeasies: Then And Now

From the latest post at DCMJ.org:
Even though Initiative 71 legalized cannabis, it cannot be consumed anywhere in DC other than in a private home. This is because, the week after Initiative 71 took effect, the DC Council passed emergency legislation (Act 21-149) that banned marijuana consumption at any bar, nightclub, bingo hall, or private venue in Washington, DC. Without any pressing reason, the Mayor and the DC Council severely restricted our rights as cannabis consuming adults...
Yeah, that's right, fellow Washingtonians. You can legally drink at an alcohol bar, you can legally smoke cigars at a cigar bar, but if you want to smoke weed communally in a similar setting, you'll have to open a speakeasy -- unless the DC City Council stops doing Congress' dirty work, and Act 21-149 is allowed to expire on January 15 next year.

11x14 medium-res grayscale .jpg image, 511kb


Freedom Finger

As you may recall from this past spring, my longtime comrade and BBF (Best Bud Forever) Adam Eidinger, activist extraordinaire, was jailed for basically being disrespectful to a politician at a Congressional DC Oversight Committee hearing chaired by the pompous and pasty Jason Chaffetz.

Adam's recent trial on this bogus charge ended in a mistrial last week, and a retrial has been scheduled for May 2nd.

11x17 medium-res .jpg image, 568kb.