Bride Of Frankenfood

Those of you who've been following the Hillary Clinton campaign recently -- you poor sufferers -- are probably aware of Hillary's close ties to Monsanto and her continued support for GMO crops. In fact, her support for GMOs recently earned her the nickname "Bride Of Frankenfood" from Iowa environmentalists.

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Disaster Capitalism 2.0

Why worry about the expenses of upgrading your fleet and complying with safety standards when you know you can wreck a town and get out of jail free -- y'know, like BP?

...and speaking of which, here's some more Disaster Capitalism 2.0 fuckery:
Spill Baby Spill, April 2010
Plugged At Last, May 2010  

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...and, here's the musical inspiration for this droppage:
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, "Fire", 1968




For those of you who rocked, I salute you.

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