Reporting Is Resistance

From police assaults on citizens photographing Occupy protests to Al Jazeera reporters' imprisonment by the Egyptian regime, journalists have endured escalating attacks by authoritarian regimes both in the US and abroad.

It's gotten to the point where simply reporting the news is an act of resistance.

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Soggy, Used Teabagger

So... when we last left DC, it was being bullied by the Federal Government in the person of one US Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, over DC's city council vote to decriminalize marijuana.

What I didn't find out until just last week is that Harris ran with the Tea Party and was elected as part of the big Teabagger Wave. And here he is, using Federal power to interfere with the affairs of State and local governments. So, how's that going down with the "base", Mr. Get The Feds Off Our Backs?

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These Hands Have Been Touched By God!

As most of you in DC will recall, the City Council voted to decriminalize marijuana some months back. Predictably -- and unlike any other city in the United States -- this law passed by a local government is being interfered with by the Congress of the United States, in the form of an amendment to an appropriations bill prohibiting Federal and city money to administer the new law, introduced by a no-name clown from Maryland named Andy Harris.

The prevailing opinion among legalization and home rule advocates in DC is that if Rep. Harris wants to help govern the city of Washington, DC, he should become an official resident and run for City Council. 

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Detroit Everywhere

Here's one in solidarity with the nearly 150,000 residents of Detroit whose water is being shut off as part of a water system privatization scheme.

I'm not surprised to hear that the people of Detroit are appealing for United Nations intervention in what is obviously a humanitarian crisis in the making right here in the bad old USA. For me, the question was not "if", but "when".

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DC Pot Legalization Initiative Celebrates Successful Petition Drive

 Prop 71 celebrates successful petition campaign, 07.01.14 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

DC Marijuana Legalization Initiative Petitioners "Git 'er done"!

The staff and volunteers for Initiative 71 celebrate the end of a successful petition campaign to put the legalization of marijuana on the November ballot in Washington DC. Petitioners gathered over 55,000 signatures, more than twice the required amount.

Now, on to November! 

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