Last Chance, Punk!

If you caught any of the Trumpster's speech at the UN this past week, you'll know that pretty much the only thing missing was him banging his shoe on the podium and yelling "we will bury you!".

A fake war threat juiced up with sick-ass lies, a tinhorn enemy made out to be all-powerful, repeatedly screamed claims about weapons of mass destruction, bellicose threats at the UN... jeez, just when did we hear this last time, kids? Don't everybody jump up at once...

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4 Ways Cannabis Can Kill You

It's been considered a long-established fact that nobody has died due to cannabis -- until now. My extensive research has uncovered these four major ways that cannabis can kill.

Let this be a warning -- to YOU.

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Houston, We Have A Problem

Just to catch everybody up on the hurricane situation: the Republicans don't believe climate change is real and might actually be a hoax; the Democrats believe climate change is real, but are trying to pin it on the Russians.

So, everybody straight on this?

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