DC Says "No More Mike Browns!"

"No More Mike Browns!" Wash DC 08.30.14 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

The explosion of public outrage over the current wave of police terrorism shows no signs of letting up. Here's the third night of actions in Washington, DC. We took H Street Northeast and held it all night long.

Don't look now, folks, but the Moment is turning into a Movement.

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A Message To America

As I post this, the US media have taken a short break from dishing out bullshit on the Ferguson situation in order to crap their drawers over the beheading of journalist James Foley by ISIS militant fighters in Iraq -- and once again, the US media's hypocrisy has pegged my Crap-O-Meter so hard that the needle broke off.

I'd like to take this moment to suggest that if the US media are unable to address the ongoing police bullying and brutalization of journalists covering the Ferguson Rebellion, then they should just shut the fuck up about James Foley.

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From Gaza to Missouri!

Nothing bugs me more these days than listening to posh-living white Liberals whining about the "rioting" in Ferguson, Missouri.

Affluent, NPR check-mailing White Liberal Americans have never had to deal with being denied economic opportunities, decent housing opportunities, or educational opportunities, nor have they had to endure the threat of brutality and murder at the hands of police every day of their lives.

So, just shut the hell up, white Liberal America. You can call it anything you want, but don't call it "rioting". I prefer to call it "uprising", or perhaps "intifada".

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Protesters Say Ferguson Feels Like Gaza; Palestinians Tweet Back Advice, Huffington Post 08.14.14


Toys In The Attic

Just in case you haven't been following the bloody shitshow in Gaza, it isn't just the Israeli state and military that's batshit these days -- it's the whole damn' nation of Israel that's hopped aboard the crazy train.

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Thousands March for Gaza in DC

Gaza Solidarity Mobilization, Washington DC 08.02.14 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

Far more folks than I expected rolled into DC yesterday afternoon to pack Lafayette Square and get all up into President Farting Rainbows' face about Gaza.


The word I heard flying around the park was that this was the biggest Gaza solidarity demonstration in the US so far, which was a surprise considering how big the Chicago march was.


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Congressional Oversight

Those of you who've been following the recent decriminalization of marijuana in DC -- and the current Initiative 71 legalization campaign -- have had a little taste of how badly Congress jerks us around in terms of self-government and self-determination.

We've had meddling Congressmen trying to scuttle our gun control laws, prevent us from funding abortions and, most recently, the notorious Maryland Rep. Andy Harris trying to stop us from implementing marijuana decriminalization -- and probably one of the biggest fears right now is that Congress will try to interfere in the upcoming election here, where we'll be electing a new Mayor, and voting on whether or not to legalize marijuana.

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