Stop Digging, Mr. Mendelson!

On January 4 the DC City Council, in a notorious cave-in to Mayor Bowser, quickly reversed its decision to end the ban on the smoking of marijuana in public in public establishments, setting the stage for the emergence of underground "smokeasies" for people unable to smoke in their own homes, such as poor tenants in Section 8 housing, or regular apartment tenants restricted by rental agreements.

DCMJ.org posted on January 5:
The January 4th Legislative Meeting of the DC Council was a rollercoaster. First the DC Council voted to #LetTheBanExpire, then the Mayor called members of the DC Council and told them to have a revote on the ban, and after the second vote the DC Council renewed the ban on social cannabis use…

Sounds like we lost, but we didn’t. Here’s why: the DC Council is going to amend the ban before it becomes permanent law. We believe the amended version will be less broad and carve out exceptions for adult use outside of private residences. In the meantime, nothing changes- the ban from 2015 is in place for at least 90 more days, but we now have the opportunity to fix the law before it becomes permanent, but we need everyone to step up their efforts and lobby the DC Council about the need to #AmendTheBan.
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I rather like the shoveling -- repetitive, relaxing, meditative. Big ol' mug of coffee, smoke a bowl, suit up, stomp on out there and just kinda get into it. Some of my neighbors are out shoveling, too, so everybody's taking a break and hanging out. Round 2 begins soon -- or soonish, seeing as it's 8:30 on Sunday morning as I write this.

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Free Gifts With Every Fill-Up

If you managed to tear yourself away from the US media's 24/7 election shitshow for ten or fifteen minutes in the past month, you may have noticed that one of the biggest stories of the past month or two has been the reports of the Erdogan regime buying smuggled black-market oil from ISIS.

That's Turkey, ostensibly our ally, buying oil from ISIS, ostensibly our enemy. Just so we're straight on that.

And by the way, you know the current oil price slump is really hitting hard when even ISIS has to start offering free giveaway goodies with every fill-up.

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