Well, waddya know?

I don't know if this helps any, but... ho, ho, ho.

Am I the only one out here who's sick to goddamn' death of seeing the US Left wasting its time getting its panties in a twist over this whole phony-assed "is Santa Claus white or black" controversy? Am I the only one out here who's fed up watching the US Left letting some bimbo at Fox News push its buttons with the same old standard-issue Culture War horseshit?

Is Santa Claus white or black? Ask me if I give a shit. Honestly, with all the really important stuff going on, why is the US Left wasting time fighting with Megyn Kelly over this crap?

Get a grip, willya? Idiots.

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The past couple of weeks have seen many memorable moments in all the pomp and ceremony marking the passing of Nelson Mandela, but none as memorable as this indelible image of three world leaders keeping it classy at the Mandela memorial service last week.

And now, Mandela has finally been laid to rest in his ancestral village -- and not a moment too soon, as I don't know if I could've stood much more of the hypocritical spewage from the leaders of the nations who funded and armed the apartheid regime and conspired to keep Mandela imprisoned for nearly three decades.

Some of the most breathtaking spewage had to have come from that inimitable mass murderer and concentration camp operator, our very own Barack "Dronemeister" Obama:
"We will not likely see the likes of Nelson Mandela again. So it falls to us as best we can to forward the example that he set..."
President Sparkle Pony has actually said something truthful here, if only by accident. If the likes of Mandela were emerging today, he'd likely have made it onto Obama's "Disposition Matrix" if he hasn't already been smeared in a drone strike while he attended a friend's wedding. Either that, or he might be rotting in Guantanamo right now.

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Egyptian Revolution no.2

Anyone who knows my work will tell you that I really love parodying famous works of art, and the recent revival of revolutionary action in the streets following the Egyptian government's newly-passed law restricting public protest seemed the perfect time to do my version of one of my favorite 19th Century French paintings: Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading The People.

All across Egypt, ordinary people are taking to the streets to assert their rights in defiance of government efforts to criminalize public protest. A mass student strike in Cairo proetsting the police shooting of a student demonstrator this week displayed the kind of courage in the face of state violence which should inspire the meek and cushy-living activists of the US to bolder action -- but will probably not.

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Obama's Katrina

The recent implosion of healthcare.gov and the millions of people losing their health insurance despite Obama's promise (and we know what that's worth) have created a "perfect storm" of FAIL which is leading many to refer to Obamacare -- uh, sorry, the Affordable Care Act -- as "Obama's Katrina".

In the meantime Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Chicago mayor and Obama flunkie Rahm Emanuel, is telling anybody who'll listen that this pain parade is somehow the fault of Fox News. I'll grant you, Fox News is a veritable media cesspool responsible for pimping all manner of slimy skankiness, but anyone paying the remotest attention over the past month will tell you that Fox News didn't have anything to do with this FAIL festival.

While that business is going on, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi is all over MSDNC... uh, MSNBC... swearing up and down that Democrats are totally in line behind Obamacare. Yeah, sure, Nancy, just keep telling yourself that. Perhaps in some weirded-out dreamscape of yours, Democrats are in lockstep behind Obama's corporate healthcare sweetheart deal, but out here in objective reality, buttloads of Democrats are running from Obamacare like it was a house on fire. I can't pretend I'm not enjoying this.

(And btw, I'm sure many of you are wondering what a hardcore Leftie like myself is doing citing articles at conservative news sites. Well, I'll tell you... it's a goddamn' shame that I have to read the Washington Times and Newsbusters to get even half a clear idea of what the hell's going on, because MSNBC is full of nothing but pimping and shucking these days. Think of it this way: I'm reading that crap so you don't have to.) 

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Angry Birds

Last week JPMorgan Chase, world-renowned den of thieves, decided to try and buff up their PR by staging an event on Twitter, a question-and-answer event under the hashtag #AskJPM. Needless to say, hilarity ensued. 

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Carpetbagger Defeats Teabagger!

A political analyst interviewed on The Daily Show late last week referred to the two major party candidates for Governor of Virginia as the worst candidates he'd ever seen, remarking that Virginia voters were being asked to choose between "cancer and a heart attack". That summed it up perfectly, if you ask me.

So it was that this past Tuesday, Virginians chose former Donkeycratic Party honcho and Clinton money man Terry McAwful -- uhh, MacAuliffe -- over Tea Party loon Ken Cuccinelli to occupy the Governor's mansion... not that it'd make any difference in the long run.

God, I hate democracy.

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Hit Any Key To Continue

Those of you of a certain age who worked in corporate or office environments will probably remember a certain piece of "office folk art" popular in most offices back during the dark days of MS-DOS: a big cartoon duck with a giant cartoon hammer about to deal a crushing death blow to a computer displaying the ancient MS-DOS post-crash message: "Hit any key to continue".

This memory from my early working days came rushing back to me as I read the news of the ongoing saga of the FAIL parade that is healthcare.gov -- the poor testing, the history of FAIL in the career of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the cronyism that figured in the choice of the firm to build the Web site. It's comedy gold on a grand scale.

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Yes, We Scan!

05 min 01 sec

A far healthier turnout than I'd expected was on hand on Capitol Hill yesterday to mark the 12th anniversary of the Patriot Act with a protest against NSA abuse of citizens' privacy under the Obama Administration.

A coalition of groups ranging from Code Pink and ThinkProgress to the Libertarian Party and FreedomWorks came together for an event that was "not about Left or Right, but about Right and Wrong". Now, that's bipartisanship.


Government Shutdown News Network

Hey, there, US news media consumers! Interested in finding out what else is going on in the world besides the government shutdown? Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah, tough shit. Curious about what's up in Greece, the Sudan, or Palestine? Too goddamn' bad, all they've got for you is government shutdown news. Like it or lump it, chumps.

For the past day or two, pretty much every US "news" network has been nothing but wall-to-wall government shutdown babble, and MSDNC... uhh, MSNBC has been the worst of the lot, with continuous Obamacare pimping overlaid with 24/7 government shutdown hysterics, taking a break only to allow one of their resident windbags, Chris "Baby Eater" Matthews, to plug his new book about his days as a flunkie for Tip O'Neill -- at one point, being interviewed by his wife, f'crissake.

All I can say is, thank Allah for Al Jazeera. 

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Blast From Yer Past: Washington DC 09.27.02

Are you ready for some football?

September 27, 2002: the first day of "Peoples' Strike" weekend, three days of mobilizations against the policies of the IMF and World Bank, and George W. Bush's war in Afghanistan. It was 7am when I showed up at Franklin Square in downtown DC -- way too early for a guy my age to be up, even back then. A loose confederation of anarchists and affinity groups was gathering at the Square, planning to stage an unpermitted "wildcat" march downtown to the IMF.

As it turned out, the march got as far as Vermont Avenue and L Streets NW before being trapped by police and scooped up. At least 400 protesters and bystanders were arrested en masse that day downtown, at Franklin Square and Pershing Park. I somehow managed to avoid being nabbed by noticing the police line forming up early at Vermont and K, seizing a moment of opportunity and slipping through before more police arrived there. It was all over by about 8am -- and I still had a whole fun-filled day ahead.

Good morning, boys'n'girls! Hanging out and drumming at Franklin Square while waiting for folks to show up for the ill-fated wildcat march.

Whose streets? The march heads out of Franklin Square, taking the street at 14th and K Streets NW. After turning north on Vermont Avenue, they encountered a police motorcycle blockade at L Street. Anyone who didn't notice the first cops appearing back at the other end of the block quickly enough would find themselves in a world o'trouble.

Are you ready for some football? While it probably seems dull to most of you, to me this is a memorable and iconic image -- the moment I realized the cop at my left was distracted by some action to his right (out of the frame), stepped away and left a huge gap for me to dash through. Up until this moment, I was worried that I was nabbed for sure -- and suddenly, daylight! He who hesitates is lost, as the old poet wrote.

All she wrote... Some moments later, more cops arrived, the line firmed up, and people trying to sneak through the gaps were being collared and shoved back into the crowd.

It's a gas! Yep, that's tear gas drifting through the foreground, there. By this time, there was nothing left for the people trapped on that block to do but wait around for the buses to arrive to haul them to the lockup.


Obama's Syrian "Red Line"

Now, I didn’t actually watch Obama’s Syria speech last Tuesday — the very sound of his soulless, pompous, officious delivery gives me a Hot Dog Burp Of Disgust — but from all accounts, the whole thing basically boiled down to “Aww, FUUUUUUUUU–”

What really gives me a giggle, though, is all the talk from Obummer and his mob about a “red line”. After all, how long has that whole brouhaha been going on over there — two years or so? Then, after sitting around and pretty much ignoring it, President Sparkle Pony gets a bug up his ass and decides we — “we” being the US State and corporate elites — need to “do something”? Christ, that’s rich.

And whose idea was it to start slinging around the expression “red line”, anyway? That’s got to be one of the stupidest expressions to come from inside the Beltway since “reset button”. You know the Washington insiders and punditocracy are really scraping the bottom of the barrel when they start picking up on a phrase coined by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in that third-grade show’n'tell he put on at the UN last year.

For me, that’s a sure sign that the elites have completely jumped the shark.

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The U.S. "Antiwar Left" Mobilizes!

I caught this item on Buzzfeed last week, about the near-total silence from the antiwar “movement” about President Sparkle Pony’s desire to intervene militarily in Syria. Almost all the quotes from organizers and activists are full of weak rationalizing about fundraising and contorted tap-dancing around the fact that most of the people who filled the streets in the early ’00s were just pissed-off Democrats who promptly put away their signs and banners and went home when the ‘08 Presidential freak circus kicked off, leaving those of us who really cared about ending militarism — no matter which wing of the Party was doing the bombing, murdering and torturing — high and dry.

The most gobsmacking quote in the whole article — the quote which inspired this cartoon — comes from our old pal, Code Pink founder Medea “Media” Benjamin:
“Those of us still working on this have been mobilizing. The online protests are proliferating. There’s petitions to Obama, there’s calls for Congress to get involved — so many groups from Code Pink to Win Without War to Just Foreign Policy — all have put out calls saying no war in Syria.”
Dear god, what a great, steamy slab of thumbsucking. This makes me want to just bang my head on the desk. Medea Benjamin thinks we’re going to have an effect on policy by “protesting” on the Internet, sending petitions (which will be promptly ignored) to President Sparkle Pony, and beseeching a bunch of greedy-assed sociopathic politicians to act against their own interests. You’d think Medea Benjamin, of all people, would understand that real movements are built — and real change brought about — by real, live, honest-to-god, in-person “street heat”, not by sitting on one’s pasty ass in front of a computer, signing useless Internet petitions, bitching on Farcebook, and remaining essentially invisible to the public and the media.

Christ, I need a drink… or perhaps several drinks. Actually, on second thought — screw the drinks, just give me some friggin’ heroin.

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Obama's "March On Washington" 50th Anniversary Speech, Condensed

If you’re like me, you’ve had it up to your ears with Liberal hack pundits comparing Barack Obama to Martin Luther King this past week. Still, when you stop to consider: King had a dream, and Obama has a “kill list” — both pretty high aspirations, so in that sense, yes, they are similar.

If that isn’t bad enough, it seems as if the media were packed to the gills this week with every opportunist Liberal politician who can get near a TV camera trying to tell us what King would’ve thought were he alive today. What really gave me a Hot Dog Burp Of Disgust was Obama himself trying to tell us that King would’ve supported Obamacare. Yes, that’s right — President Drone Strike looked us all right in the eye and said that Martin Luther King would’ve supported a big, fat pork barrel for healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations, a massive sweetheart deal forcing us all to pay a tithe to the insurance industry. I know the President Of The Largest Purveyor Of Violence has been cranking up the Obamacare hard-sell these days, but that’s really jumping the shark.

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 816kb
“Obama For Obama” pseudo-Presidential seal parody, 6×6 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 296kb

Tuscon Citizen, 08.28.13: Obama says speaking in King’s shadow like “following Jesus”

London Daily Mail, 08.14.11: Obama compares self to Martin Luther King at $36k-a-head Democratic Party fundraiser

The Politico, 08.27.13: Obama says King would’ve liked Obamacare



This is yet another poster for the March Against Corruption scheduled to happen “everywhere” on November 2. Find out more about the event and help organize on Farcebook.

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Democracy Invaders

In 1979, the summer after I finished college, I encountered my first Space Invaders machine at the arcade in a bowling alley near a friend’s house. Between that and Galaxians, I pissed away more quarters than I care to think about.

But, enough nostalgia. This is another poster for the March Against Corruption scheduled to happen “everywhere” on November 2. Find out more about the event and help organize on Farcebook.

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Dollar Iconography

This is another series of posters for the March Against Corruption scheduled to happen “everywhere” on November 2.
This design is laid out to allow for activists to insert information about their local events, and comes in two versions: one for events local to the DC Metro area, and another version for “everywhere”.

Find out more about the March Against Corruption on Farcebook.

11×17 color .pdf files, 3 pages each:
For  DC Metro Area local, 2mb
For “Everywhere”, 1.9mb


Wall Of Oligarchy

Ever notice what a pain in the ass it is for dissident/third parties to get any media attention? They hardly ever get any media because it’s damn’ near impossible to get onto the ballot. They can’t get onto the ballot because it’s damn’ near impossible to raise any money. They can’t raise any money because it’s damn’ near impossible to get any media… well, I think you can see where this is headed.

Only The Party is able to raise the gobsmacking amounts of cash needed to get its views into the media, which means that Party propaganda and talking points are all over the TV like a bad rash. Third parties, independent and dissident candidates are pretty much locked out because the tepid liberal and raving rightist freak wings of The Party collude to rig the rules so that they’re the only ones who get to participate in the televised debates — which takes us back to what a pain in the ass it is for dissident/third parties to get any media attention.

This is the first in a series of posters being created for the March Against Corruption, an international day of action — inspired by the uprisings in Brazil — being planned for November 2. Find out more about the March Against Corruption on Farcebook.

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No Justice, No Nuthin'

As I post this, it’s been nearly two days, and I’m still so pissed off that I can hardly see straight — and the really sad thing is that I’m not the least bit surprised. I pretty much learned to expect this after the Rodney King beating verdict.

 Meanwhile, across the country, there’ve been some demonstrations, but… not one general strike called, not one student walkout called, not one serious uprising of the people who should be the most enraged about this. Seems they’re all either praying, or just standing around holding signs — or, as the media like to call it today, “an outcry”.

“No Justice, No Peace”? Huh, more like “No Justice, M’eh”.

Everyone is crying out for peace yes
None is crying out for justice

I don’t want no peace
I need equal rights and justice

–Peter Tosh

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Pipeline Peace Walk Begins

From the Pipeline Peace Walk donations page:
This summer, Love Bomb Seed Bomb, the People’s Garden, the Harvest Collective, Permatecture Design, the Compassionate Earth Walk, Occupy the Keystone XL Pipeline and Pipeline Peace Walk will walk the length of the Keystone XL Pipeline, from the Canadian border in Montana, down to the Gulf of Mexico, in a pilgrimage to defend nature from the Oil Machine. We walk for our children, for nature, the plants and animals, and for the next seven generations of humanity…
…We will walk thousands of miles to shift our reality, and to build a better future, by demanding we depart from the old paradigm, and enter into the new. As we walk we will be visiting communities along the pipeline, lending support to their current struggles, and telling their stories.
Along the way we will be in service to communities who are resisting the Keystone XL Pipeline. We will meet up with Moccasins on the Ground in South Dakota, Farmers Unions in Kansas, Bold Nebraska in Nebraska, Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance in Oklahoma, and Tar Sands Blockade in Texas. Throughout the summer we will be traveling to be in service to these causes, and to help create links between the communities along the Keystone XL Pipeline path. At current, we are also coordinating with #Fearless Summer to create collective movement.
This is the art I created for the cover of the Pipeline Peace Walk Guide, published as an aid to the activists walking the length of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Find out more about the Pipeline Peace Walk on Farcebook here.

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 1.1mb

How to make a “seed bomb”, part 1

How to make a “seed bomb”, part 2:



The recent outbreak of revelations regarding the mass surveillance and data mining operations against American citizens by the NSA made it rather serendipitous that I’d finally get around to finishing this poster — a parody of this Apple iPhone ad — this week.

Actually, this idea’s been rattling around for nearly a month, inspired by the revelations concerning the Justice Department’s data slurping of Associated Press phone records, the surveillance of Tea Party groups’ tax records by the IRS, the fiasco at the US “consulate” in Benghazi, Obama’s tap-dancing over the Keystone XL pipeline, the US State’s shielding Monsanto against consequences for its bullying of farmers over the accidental spread of GMO plants onto their lands — and the notorious “Obama Phone Lady” video from the last Presidential freak circus.

16×21 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 1.1mb


Obama's Morehouse College Speech, Condensed

By now, it’s pretty common knowledge that whenever El Presidente and Lady Obama speak to Black audiences, they’re really speaking to white audiences, and that their remarks to Black audiences are guaranteed to be packed to the gills with disrespect, condescension, offensive stereotypes, and shopworn bromides about “personal responsibility”. A classic example of this backhandedness can be found in El Presidente’s recent — and already infamous — commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Not since his notorious Father’s Day speech on the campaign trail in 2008 did El Presidente emit such a great, steaming load of bite-me, rolling out the trendy Black “street” slang like “brother” and “on point” in what was basically a slicked-up Bill Cosby rant, where the only thing missing was El Presidente telling the Morehouse Men to pull up their pants.

Could you imagine El Presidente speaking to an audience of white college grads this way? Could you imagine him at, say, the University Of Virginia, admonishing fresh graduates to get a haircut and stop piercing their noses and wearing those sloppy ripped jeans and playing those Green Day albums and smoking weed and partying ’til all hours? Not a chance.

What’s really sad about all this, though, is that for the most part, Black Americans totally eat this stuff up. It doesn’t seem to matter that The First Black President hasn’t done squat about the Black unemployment rate, the Black foreclosure rate, mass incarceration and racist police violence. Barack Obama tells Black America to eat shit, and Black America reaches for a fork.

11×17 medium-res color .jpg image, horizontal, 660kb
11×17 medium-res color .jpg image, vertical, 692kb

…and, here’s what some other folks are saying about El Presidente and Lady Obama jerking Black America’s chain in their recent college commencement speeches:

“How The Obama Administration Talks To Black America”, Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic, 05.20.13
“As Commencement Speakers At Black Schools, The Obamas Pile On The Homework”, Courtland Milloy, The Washington Post, 05.21.13
“The Obama ‘Dog Whistle’”, Margaret Kimberly, Black Agenda Report, 05.22.13


Was George W. Bush Really That Bad?

So we know President Bush the man. And what President Clinton said is absolutely true — to know the man is to like the man, because he’s comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is. He doesn’t put on any pretenses. He takes his job seriously, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a good man.
--Barack Obama, speaking at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, 04.25.13
The dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library this week gave the US media a chance to engage in one of its current favorite pastimes: rehabilitating the public images of thoroughly loathsome and reprehensible public figures. They’d hardly had time to catch their breath after canonizing Margaret Thatcher before it was time for their toughest challenge ever — rehabilitating George W. “The Decider” Bush. Yeah, that’s right, it’s Shark Jumping Time.

Y’know the worst thing about this wretched speech, though? He’s paraphrasing Bill Clinton, f’cripesake. Between this and the Thatcher veneration and Chelsea Clinton interviewing the GEICO Gecko, I’d say this pretty much indicates the death of the US media.

11×17 medium-res color .jpg image, 684kb.

For your further entertainment, here’s a couple of classic op-ed stinkburgers from the Washington Post from this past week. Feel their sliminess wash over you.

“George W. Bush, A Principled President”, Michael Gerson, Op-Ed Scribbler; author, Heroic Conservatism, The Washington Post, 04.25.13

“George W. Bush Is A Victim Of A Rush To Judgement”, Stephen Knott, Professor, U.S. Naval War College, The Washington Post, 04.25.13



Once again, it’s time for the latest headline news. And here, with the headlines, is Barbie Anchorbabe:

Lately, it seems the US media have become entirely infatuated with the term “lockdown”, dropping it at every opportunity when covering breaking news such as school shootings or the recent Boston Marathon bombing, though it was once previously confined strictly to the context of prison riots.

A blogger comrade of mine, Michael Smith, puts it quite nicely in a recent post at Stop Me Before I Vote Again:
“…A whole SMSA* in ‘lockdown’ — America’s favorite word, for the last few years. Oh how we love a lockdown — more even than we used to love a parade. Lock me down, baby. Lock me down!”
Yeah, Smiff, that’s for damn’ sure; the US media sure do love ‘em some lockdown.

*Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area, for you Census Bureau geeks out there.

11×17 medium-res color .jpg image, horizontal format, 796kb
11×17 medium-res color .jpg image, vertical format, 836kb

The Full Weight of Justice

It was less than 24 hours after the bombing at the Boston Marathon when our Exalted Boy Emperor swung into action, with one of his standard-issue canned statements delivered in his standard-issue pompous, dry, professorial, I-don’t-really-mean-what-I’m-saying tone.
Amidst all the usual platitudes about prayers, courage, resiliency and pulling together, this one little bit of bluster jumped out at me:
…But make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. And we will find out who did this; we’ll find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice…
…which can only mean one thing: our Exalted Boy Emperor was about to head down to the situation room with a bottle of Chardonnay and a dart board.

11×17 inch grayscale .jpg image, 588kb.


Spill? What Spill?

Time for another headline news update, with Barbie Anchorbabe. Our top story is, for some unearthly reason, anything at all but the massive oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas which resulted from a rupture in Exxon’s tar sands oil pipeline.

The even bigger story is the way Exxon blocked media from accessing the scene, and the FAA allowing Exxon to prevent air traffic from passing over the scene. The most reprehensible part of that story is the reaction of the corporate media to Exxon’s Soviet behavior — to sheepishly shrug its shoulders, slinking away with its tail between its legs, returning to its glitzy studios to continue whining about the sequester, pimping the phony Korean war threat, and cheering itself hoarse for gay marriage (MSNBC, I’m looking at you).

11×17 medium-res color .jpg image, horizontal format, 836kb
8×17 medium-res color .jpg image, vertical format, 684kb


Warning Signs

These days — especially given Obummer’s willingness to gut Social Security and Medicare to appease the Rightists — nothing sets my internal alarms clanging quite like the sound of politicians, pundits and other Washington zombies uttering the words “Bipartisanship”, “Compromise” and “Grand Bargain”, because no matter how you slice ‘em, they all translate to one thing: 

We’re fucked.

With that in mind, I present this set of three parody traffic warning signs, ideal for reproduction at large sizes, mounting on quarter-inch foam core, trimming and duct-taping to traffic sign poles around your neighborhood — especially if your neighborhood happens to be Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Have at it, folks! 

“Bipartisanship”, 11×14 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 276kb
“Compromise”, 11×14 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 264kb
“Grand Bargain”, 11×14 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 268kb


Goodbye, Blue Sky: 03.20.03

Sorry, gang; the YouTube copyright police are jerking me around again on account of the old Pink Floyd tracks I used in this piece. You can download a copy of the mpeg4 with the sound track intact (05:39, 66.3mb) from archive.org. Sic semper tyrannis.

Oh say, can you see
on the bridge named for Key
where the “Aqua Team” marched,
and a bunch were arrested…!

It was bone cold, rainy, sloppy, and miserable only a day before the official beginning of spring — in other words, your typical mid-March morning in DC. It was also a morning full of coordinated disobedience actions across DC marking the first day of Iraq War v2.0. Our group, nicknamed “Aqua Team”, was given the plum job of mobbing aboard a Metro to Rosslyn and taking Key Bridge early during rush hour.

Things turned out quite nicely. All the color-nicknamed groups gathered for their rallies at designated points around DC, not knowing where they were headed until it was actually time to go — a brilliant piece of strategy which greatly reduced the chances of any snitches in the crowd getting the word ahead to the cops — in our case, it was a meetup at Eastern Market, right in my backyard, then onto an Orange Line all the way across town to Rosslyn, where hilarity ensued…


It's an "Eat-In" for Food Democracy!

By this time, most of you — especially in the progressive activist community — have heard the old “stone soup” story. Based on the concept of “stone soup”, Occupy Monsanto, as part of its ongoing campaign against GMO foods and for citizen awareness of GMOs, is staging an “eat-in” on the grounds of the FDA’s Center For Food Safety And Applied Nutrition in the suburbs of Washington, DC on April 8. The organizers are inviting folks to bring their favorite organic ingredients for a vegetarian soup to be cooked at the event, designed to raise awareness of the FDA’s recent decisions on GMOs in favor of Monsanto, and the entirely-too-close relationship between corporations and the FDA, especially in the person of its Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Michael Taylor.

So, folks… are you hungry for a little “food democracy”? 

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 1.2mb
11×17 inch medium-res grayscale .jpg image, 944kb


Blast From Yer Past: Feb. 15, 2003

February 15, 2003 was called by many “The Day The World Said ‘No’ To War”, and was reportedly the largest worldwide turnout for a single day of protest in history. Here’s a little “remastered” slice of what went down in New York City that day:

As I recall, the actual rally site and staging area for the march was somewhere around UN Plaza-ish, but owing to the staggering hugeness of the crowds converging — reportedly in the 1.5 million neighborhood — we never quite made it to the actual rally or march, and ended up just kind of flowing with the crowd through the streets, and spending most of the day hanging around East 50th and Third Avenue.
Here’s my friend Marianne from the Washington Action Group and the “Doghouse” puppet workshop in DC, being gratuitously harassed by NYPD goons for using a bamboo stick — apparently considered a “lethal weapon” that day — to hold up her sign. She was helped out by comrades in the crowd with some spare cardboard wrapping paper rolls.

DC anarchists “representing” on Third Avenue. One of the better flag designs of the day.

Some more of our friends from DC, the ever-popular Korean drummers’ group whipping up the crowd.

Just a few weeks before, the then-director of Fatherland Security, a pug-ugly bastard named Tom Ridge (a guy who looked as if he could play a gangster in a ’40s film noir) advised the nation that their best defense against a chemical or biological attack was to — get this — seal off your doors and windows with plastic sheeting and duct tape.

I never could figure out how these people got onto the top of that Fritos truck. It was an oddly inspiring sight, though they seemed oblivious to the shouts of the crowd below to “throw us down a bag of Fritos, man!”

“What are we going to do tonight, Brain?” This had to be my number-one favorite sign of the day. One is a genius; the other’s insane.

The Radical Cheerleaders belt one out towards the end of the afternoon. About this time, a breakaway unpermitted march had forced its way onto the streets and defied the police to march to a point near our location, succeeding by the strength of sheer numbers.


Skeet-Shooter In Chief

After the last cartoon, I promised myself I wouldn’t do any more cartoons about the current ongoing lame-assed, phony gun-control circus. Then, after several days of brouhaha about how Obama goes skeet shooting all the time, the White House conveniently released this photo of our Boy Emperor skeet shooting which was actually taken last summer sometime — and, well… I just couldn’t resist.

Why am I not surprised that after weeks of Liberal-style yammering about gun violence and murdered children, Obummer suddenly decides to release this photo in a blatant, weak attempt to pander to the NRA clowns? Typical, really — fake left, run right: classic Obama.

The next four years can’t go by fast enough for me.

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How America Deals With Gun Violence

When I saw the initial reports on the Newtown school shootings, I knew I could pretty much skip any “news” coming out after that as I’d seen the same cycle of public hair-pulling, slobbering media frenzy (including cartoonists), and wacky-assed “solutions” every time this had happened — going back to Columbine High, if not earlier.

I’d pretty much gotten to the point where I could guess almost exactly what was going to happen, and when — from the initial round of wailing, moaning and candlelight vigils. to the media putting on a circus, to El Presidente giving a variation of the usual smarmy speech about Our Murdered Children, to the cockamamie suggestions from mainstream Liberals and the NRA, to Pat Robertson saying something intensely stupid, to Liberals wasting time getting bent out of shape over whatever stupid shit Pat Robertson said, to some weasly legislative “solution” that does absolutely nothing to address the fact that American society was built on violence from the ground up… and finally to the media deciding they’ve milked it for all they can and going back to hyping other bullshit, like the next phony budget crisis.

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I Have A Drone

Seen above here is the famous Ben Ali’s Chili Bowl on U Street, a landmark of historic black DC, as spotted on the morning of Inauguration Day. Sadly, the window display is presented entirely without irony.

A little later, though, at Malcolm X Park… what better way to celebrate Martin Luther King’s Birthday than with an anti-drone warfare protest? Who would King bomb?