So, Sue Me

Long story short: DC Mayor Bowser and the City Council plan to defy Congress and honor the will of the voters and implement Initiative 71. A gaggle of GOP clowns in the House are threatening litigation to prevent it. The response of Mayor Bowser and the Council is, in so many words, "so, sue me."

DC Marijuana Initiative Transmitted To Congress, Roll Call, 01.13.15 

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State Of The Union: Don't Ask

Tonight, President Sparkle Pony delivers his State Of The Union Address.

...and, what's the deal with that cap? 

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It's Pope Frank's World – We Just Live In It

So, four cartoonists are murdered by religious fundamentalists in Paris and the Pope says "you cannot make fun of the faith of others", and that there should be limits to free speech when it comes to religion.

Talk about your socio-political tone deafness. Has His Holiness even been paying attention to what's going on when he pops off with that crap? What the hell does this guy do all day, anyway?

I can't make fun of the faith of others, huh? Watch me.

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Je Suis Charlie!

Self-Portrait With Pencil Launcher


...in memory and solidarity. Je suis Charlie! 

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